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The Sci Fi Series Caprica

It is now brought to television and online by the producers of Battlestar Galactica and features Esai Morales as Joseph Adama, Eric Stolz as Daniel Greystone and Richard Harmon as Vergis. The Planet Caprica was in existence fifty eight years before the Battlestar Galactica. The history of Caprica is also similar to that of planet Earth as it started with twelve rather than thirteen colonies. Life on Caprica is not unlike the life and history of life in the United States today. The fight to end unorthodox ethics and to end corporate manipulations continues. They match their personal ambitions against each other and a final war to save humanity while suffering their individual losses.

An invention of a combat robot that was unsuccessful drives the inventor to use his creation to bring his daughter, Zoe, back to life. While Zoe is adapting to her new life as an avatar, the two families are adapting to their lives without the daughters.

Not only is Greystone’s daughter Zoe a CYLON, so is the Adama daughter Tamara, a CYLON. Tamara, Adama’s daughter is not aware that she died a month ago and is confused. In her wandering she comes to V-World where there is a colony of violent crime game players anxious to learn the meaning, which is a elusive secret, of the game. Tamara becomes involved and involuntarily takes part and finds a dark secret.


Tomas Vergis (a new character) is an industrialist that came to Caprica to prove that Greystone is a thief having stolen the key to U-87 CYLON and his military contract. Vergis stirs up a lot of publicity and wins the hearts of the Capricans. Vergis offers Greystone a deal that would save the Greystone industries but, the deal has a catch that could haunt Daniel Greystone for years.

In the meantime, two characters, Clarice and Lacy, sisters) introduced in an earlier episode) meet with a rogue named Barnabas. Clarice discovers that the off-world STO is involved with him and she panics. While lacy goes to meet Barnabas and opens herself up to danger. However, Clarice goes on to befriend Amanda Greystone as she promised Zoe she would.

Adama has now come to realize that Tamara’s avatar is lost in V-World and looks to Heracles for help in rescuing her. Due to a romance Zoe’s escape plans are now more difficult.

In Season 1, Episode 9, Daniel Greystone sets a deadline to reset the U-87. In resetting the U-87 he will also be ending Zoe’s avatar’s life as she knows it. Zoe makes a plan to save herself but as most plans are apt to do, Zoe’s plan backfired. Without a new plan she is now out of time and out of options to save herself.

You can watch further seasons and episodes online and find out what Zoe’s new plans are to save herself. Will Heracles save Tamara from the evils and violent crimes of the gaming V-World? What will Clarice and Lacy do after meeting with Barnabas? Find out what the rest of the characters are up to. Will the CYLONS plot to avenge their enslavement by destroying humanity be successful? Further seasons and episodes will reveal the ongoing lives of the two families and the revenge of the CYLONS so watch Caprica online.


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